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RIYADH: The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, through the Ajeer platform, has launched an incentive initiative for companies contracting security guard services that aims to enhance the work environment for Saudis in the private sector.

The initiative factors in the localization of Saudi security guards for establishments contracting security services. Eligible establishments must meet specified controls and conditions to benefit.

This initiative is part of a series launched by the ministry to enhance the efficiency of the Saudi labor market and increase its attractiveness. These include the Wage Protection System, the initiative to improve the contractual relationship, the Wadi program, and other initiatives aimed at improving the work environment in the Kingdom.

Mohannad Aleisa, deputy minister for labor market policies, told Arab News: “Improving the work environment for both the employer and the employee would raise the level of efficiency in meeting work requirements and support continuity, which raises levels of stability and job performance, stimulates nationalization, and makes work an attractive and suitable environment for citizens.

“The systematic incentives raise the establishment’s productivity levels by setting targets upon which the employee’s performance is evaluated based on achieving them. Consequently, this is reflected in the establishment’s productivity and employee competitiveness,” he said.

He said that the Labor Market Policy Agency, one of the agencies related to the labor sector in the ministry, is dedicated to making, evaluating, and developing general policies for the labor market in line with Vision 2030 and the strategic goals of the ministry.

“The agency aims at guaranteeing the functioning and fairness of the labor market and enhancing its competitiveness by relying on the best statistical and research methods, international modern scientific practices in policy-making, and sound economic visions,” he added.

The ministry launched this initiative for companies contracting with security guard companies, which would improve the work environment for Saudis in private sector establishments, he explained.

“The initiative works to calculate the localization factor for Saudi security guards for the benefit of establishments contracting with security guard companies, upon achieving a number of controls, including the minimum wage being SR4,500 ($1,200),” he said.

As a result, the establishment that employs the security guard benefits from raising its points in the “Nitaqat” program, and security guard establishments benefit from the demand for their services, Aleisa said.

Saeed Alkhabaz, a former human resources consultant at Saudi Aramco, told Arab News: “A survey conducted by Robert Half, a global human resources expert, found that when you create a positive work environment, employees are more likely to participate in working to make the system successful. They tend to feel like the company is offering something of value, and will feel empowered to make things better.

“When employees feel connected to the goals of the system, their performance and commitment to their employer increases,” he said.

Alkhabaz, a former president of the Middle East Human Resources Management ‎Conference, said that the impact of the company’s culture on an organization’s bottom line goes even further.

“Companies that find themselves at the top of the (Best Places to Work) don’t just provide an in-demand product or service, they foster a culture that inspires innovation, dedication, and enthusiasm among employees,” he said.

“Conversely, companies that experience significant decline or fail to adapt to a changing market can often link that decline to a toxic culture that was never motivating.

“The answer lies in successful leaders who focus on creating a culture that encourages workers within the system to believe in its mission and participate positively in achieving it.

“A positive environment in the workplace is one of the most important factors driving business success. It leads to higher productivity, better employee engagement, and higher returns. Therefore, it is necessary to create a culture that supports employees’ growth and recognizes them for their efforts,” he said.

“As a leader, it is important for you to build a trustworthy relationship with your employees. When your employees trust you, they believe in your decisions.”

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