World News New York Times recipe: A go-to sauce to get you through winter Blog

For both tangible and psychosomatic reasons, there is really nothing worse than feeling like you can’t get through the season in the middle of winter. But instead of letting the early sunsets slowly lower my serotonin levels, I’m starting to resist the gloom and find joy in winter. I’m focusing on the things that are … Read more

World News Black hole discovered 20,000 times bigger than sun Blog

A black hole 20,000 times larger than the sun sounds like it would be hard to miss. But it took researchers 20 years to find a new category of black holes that could potentially help explain the evolution of galaxies. Black holes are deep gravitational sinks from which not even light can escape, making them … Read more

World News Guzman y Gomez: Australia’s most valuable burritos hit the sharemarket, but will the good times last? Blog

Burritos have never been this expensive in Australia. For a company that markets its ability to feed people relatively cheaply, shares of Mexican company Guzman y Gomez are certainly expensive. Shares currently trade at about $30, making the entire company worth nearly $3 billion.