Saudi ambassador meets ICESCO chief in Morocco

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia is participating in the Expo 2023 Doha Horticultural Exhibition, which is being held under the slogan “Green Desert, Better Environment.”

The six-month exhibition, organized for the first time in the Middle East, will continue until March 28. It showcases the latest innovations in horticulture and environmental sustainability.

The Saudi pavilion at the expo showcases the Kingdom’s “natural richness,” drawing visitors from around the world. The officials welcome visitors in seven languages to enhance communication and cultural understanding and strengthen international relations between the Kingdom and the world.

Saleh bin Dakhil, the general supervisor of the Kingdom’s pavilion, said that the Saudi organizers welcome visitors in Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Persian.

He noted that this aims to provide a welcoming environment to visitors by receiving them in their native and preferred languages, and to explain the initiatives and projects implemented by the Kingdom in several fields.


Bin Dakhil explained that the pavilion seeks to promote understanding and cultural communication between visitors and Saudi representatives, providing an opportunity for everyone to learn about the Kingdom’s advancement.

He noted that the pavilion is constantly offering integrated interactive experiences to enhance visitors’ understanding of Saudi Arabia’s diverse nature and various cultures, through accompanying activities and events. In addition, it introduces the ambitious Saudi initiatives towards a “green future” in multiple languages as communication is an integral part of enhancing cultural communication and civilizational exchange.

Bin Dakhil stressed that using various languages encouraged visitors to ask questions and inquire about the exhibition’s four axes: modern agriculture, technology and innovation, environmental awareness, and sustainability.

He indicated that the pavilion is an opportunity for visitors to learn about Saudi Arabia’s natural terrain, the most prominent current initiatives and projects and the role of Saudi Vision 2030 in shaping the future, by promoting environmental prosperity and enhancing the Kingdom’s vegetation cover. In addition, the pavilion offers the chance to learn about the most prominent environmental and sustainability programs.

Bin Dakhil said that the pavilion also features an interactive area offering the thousands of visitors an inspiring experience of traditional arts and folk dances.

Around 80 countries, authorities, non-governmental organizations, international experts, private sector companies, universities and research laboratories are participating in the event, which aims to develop mechanisms and means that support the agricultural sector in desert regions and promote the use of modern technologies for resource sustainability.

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