News What We Are Reading Today: ‘The Little Book of Trees’

Author: Steven Pressfield

Do you feel a persistent resistance stands between you and your creative dream? According to Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art,” resistance is not a lack of skill or inspiration, but rather a crafty antagonist aggressively destroying your creative aspirations.

“The War of Art” is a battle cry and a wake-up call for the latent artist in all of us. Pressfield, an experienced screenwriter, addresses the internal conflicts that trouble creatives.

Procrastination, self-doubt, and fear of failure are the sneaky weapons of resistance that masquerade as comfort and protection.

Pressfield emphasizes the value of discipline, consistency, and confronting the blank page head on as the book digs into the concept of the “professional,” encouraging readers to abandon the amateur mindset.

It is not about waiting for inspiration to strike; it is about showing up every day and getting the job done.

The author also delves into the concept of the “muse,” the spark of inspiration that fuels creation. He encourages us to create a fertile field for the muse to visit by engaging in disciplines such as journal writing and meditation.

The book is packed with anecdotes and metaphors, making the daunting topic of overcoming creative resistance surprisingly engaging. Pressfield speaks directly to the reader, a fellow warrior in the trenches of creativity.

“The War of Art” may not be for everyone. Its blunt honesty and focus on self-discipline might clash with some readers’ sensibilities. But for those yearning to break free from the shackles of resistance, this book is a potent weapon.

It is a call to arms, urging you to silence the inner critic, embrace the messiness of creation, and finally claim your place as an artist.

The book is a powerful reminder that the greatest obstacle to your artistic journey is often yourself. So, prepare to wage war on resistance. With newfound discipline as your weapon and this book as your battle plan, you will be equipped to overcome your internal obstacles and claim your rightful place on the creative battlefield.

Remember, the victory you seek lies not in achieving instant perfection but in the ongoing fight itself, in the relentless pursuit of artistic expression.


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