News ServiceNow committed to powering Saudi Arabia’s AI future

As Saudi Arabia accelerates its digital transformation journey in line with Saudi Vision 2030, ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow platform, is solidifying its commitment to the Kingdom’s success. During LEAP 2024, ServiceNow Chief Commercial Officer Paul Smith emphasized the company’s commitment to helping the Kingdom realize its AI ambitions. Smith envisions a deep, prosperous partnership that will fuel Saudi Arabia’s rise as an economic powerhouse through the strategic application of new and emerging technologies.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a roadmap that seeks to diversify the economy and propel the nation into the digital era, is a bold and ambitious framework. Smith sees it as an ideal fit for ServiceNow’s expertise. “The Kingdom’s vision is all about innovation and leveraging technology as a competitive advantage,” he said. “We have top-tier engineering talent, an industry-leading platform, and a deep understanding of how to use AI, particularly generative AI, to make a tangible difference in the business world. ServiceNow is ready to help Saudi Arabia make that leap.”

This ambition builds upon a foundation of collaboration. ServiceNow already has a significant presence in Saudi Arabia, having worked with partners and clients since 2011. Their platform has proven its value by streamlining processes and improving efficiency within both government institutions and private businesses. Smith cites noteworthy examples including the Ministry of Justice, which benefited from over 180 automated processes, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which created a single, integrated employee portal for faster issue resolution.

Currently, ServiceNow is further amplifying this impact. Recent company developments in the Kingdom include the introduction of new data center pairs and bold plans to grow its team in a new MENA regional headquarters. Furthermore, the Now Platform has been enhanced with Arabic language support, an initiative that aims to enable Saudi enterprises and individuals to effortlessly adopt this technology. 

But technology on its own isn’t enough. To truly power an intelligence-based economy, a skilled workforce is essential. ServiceNow is addressing this need in two key ways:

– The Garage Partnership: ServiceNow is working with “The Garage” to nurture tech startups and provide access to the Now Platform, alongside training and mentorship that will help fuel innovation.

– ServiceNow Academy: Through the RiseUp with ServiceNow initiative, a new ServiceNow Academy will launch in partnership with the Saudi Digital Academy. This first-of-its-kind venture will provide thousands of Saudi citizens with training and hands-on experience with the Now Platform, equipping them with in-demand digital skills that are critical for an AI-driven workplace.

“There’s no question that Saudi Arabia has ambitious goals,” Smith said. “ServiceNow believes wholeheartedly in the value of big dreams. We know the Kingdom can achieve true digital transformation, and we’re committed to helping them do so.”

Leading this transformation is a focus on generative AI, a branch of artificial intelligence capable of creating original text, images, code, and other content formats. The potential is staggering, and Smith foresees its value across diverse sectors.

“The adoption of GenAI is moving faster than anything I’ve seen. Enterprises see the potential and want to get involved quickly,” he said. Citing Gartner’s research, he highlighted a predicted $3 trillion investment in AI between 2023 and 2027, with GenAI making up one-third of this surge. While companies are experimenting, Smith believes they’ll ultimately seek strategic partners like ServiceNow, for long-term, scalable success.

The benefits are already apparent. Companies like CBRE (real estate), Coursera (education), global giants Deloitte and Siemens AG, and others are using ServiceNow’s GenAI-powered solutions for tasks ranging from enhanced customer support to more streamlined HR operations. The common thread, Smith said, is increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

“I see endless possibilities for GenAI across industries,” he said, “but some obvious areas where it can create disruption and positive outcomes are healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, and the oil and gas sector.” In drug development, for example, GenAI’s ability to process massive amounts of data has the potential to streamline clinical trials and speed up the delivery of life-changing medications.

This is not just theoretical; ServiceNow is seeing the benefits of GenAI firsthand. GenAI product offerings are seeing record-breaking sales, while internal pilots demonstrate productivity increases of 30-40 percent. Perhaps even more telling, developer teams are embracing GenAI’s ability to generate code from plain language, overcoming the dreaded “blank page” problem that can stifle innovation.

When asked about ServiceNow’s own growth trajectory, Smith pointed to two key factors that set the company apart:

– The power of the platform: “Our platform is unmatched. It gets our customers real, tangible results quickly, which in today’s world of hyper-focus on ROI is essential. When we make our customers more productive and help them see value, ServiceNow also grows.”

A winning culture: “We’ve built a culture that’s results-oriented but focused on our most critical asset — our people. Our attrition numbers are the lowest they’ve been, and we’re seeing a record number of applications. We invest in our team with the goal of making them successful, knowing that in turn, they’ll make our customers successful.”

Smith emphasized a combination of strategic vision and a strong execution model for success. He said: “At ServiceNow, we have the reach of a global enterprise but retain the nimbleness and adaptability of a startup. Add to that our culture and a world-changing platform, and I believe that’s what drives our sustained success.”

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