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RIYADH: Only a few months after its recent launch, Beast House has become one of the Saudi music scene’s biggest assets, using MDLBEAST’s comprehensive strategy to enrich the Saudi music industry with solid infrastructure.
Driven by a vision to provide fertile ground in which to cultivate the region’s music culture, Beast House marks MDLBEAST’s debut investment in the music facilities sector in Saudi Arabia with an innovative tripod model that combines music, architecture, and technology to achieve its unique mission in the country.
Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST, told Arab News exclusively: “We see Beast House becoming a cornerstone of Riyadh’s music scene, a place where creativity is nurtured and talents from the local and international scenes can grow. Our vision is to revolutionize the way music is experienced in the region by fostering connections in the creative community through the power of music.”
The multitiered members-only space provides an immersive experience for music producers, industry experts, creatives, and enthusiasts to connect and learn through its facilities, which provide live music events, workshops, studio spaces, and shared dining spaces.
“Beast House creates a platform for local artists to both showcase and hone their talents. In this space, members can collaborate with other artists through our diverse programming designed to elevate the experience of artists. It’s a welcoming space for anyone still finding their creative path,” Alharatani said.
The studio has two music production rooms with recording booths, a mix room with a Solid State Logic Origin mixing console, and a Neve recording room with a contemporary feel.
Alharatani said: “Beast House studio caters to artists of all levels, with a blend of traditional analog and modern digital equipment. We offer hands-on experience covering the entire production process, from recording to mixing and mastering.
“Our backline includes Fender guitars, Yamaha drums, and world-class microphones like Neumann, Royer, and AKG, alongside high-end outboard gear such as Neve, Bricasti, and UA 1176 compressors. We also provide a comprehensive selection of synths and drum machines from renowned brands like Roland, Moog, and Sequential, along with top-tier software and plugins including Pro Tools, Ableton, and Waves, offering artists endless sonic possibilities.”
The CEO said that these spaces are crucial for a developing music scene and nurturing the industry, and that Beast House is all about engaging the senses in a welcoming environment through its design, curated playlists, refreshments, and dynamic live shows.
He said: “By offering insight into songwriting, production, and the music business, we’re enabling the growth of local talent and opportunities. This fosters job creation, draws in tourism, and stimulates local businesses, which are key components in building a robust music infrastructure.”
But building more venues in the Kingdom is only a part of the MDLBEAST plan.
“Our strategy is built on three pillars — music and artists, live events, and venues — and through these three pillars, we can create a vivid music scene and opportunities for local and global artists to constantly engage with their audience,” Alharatani said. “All this leads to two main goals: support the innovative economy and entertainment tourism in the Kingdom, and guarantee the sustainability of our events.”
Alharatani believes that because this is the first private members’ club of this nature in Saudi Arabia, which may be foreign to some in the region, awareness will be key in getting the public to commit to memberships.
He said: “We’ve been spreading the word, giving people the lowdown on what members’ clubs are really all about. We’ve rolled out a few sneak-peek events to hook them on the experience, and we’re connecting with creative trailblazers to grow the right community. Here, membership is more than a pass — it’s the gateway to a hub where creativity grows and thrives.”
By combining technology, architecture, and music under one roof, Beast House studio’s specialized professional team hopes to use its technical excellence to elevate regional music to new levels.
The recording studio is expecting to become a destination for musicians who want to create memorable music that transcends boundaries and leaves a lasting impact on listeners, Alharatani said.

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