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World Water Day: Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation urges global cooperation

As the UN marked World Water Day on March 22, the Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation stands at the forefront of efforts to address water scarcity and promote international cooperation. This year, in alignment with the UN theme “Water for Peace,” SWCC reaffirmed its commitment to fostering collaboration and sustainability in water management.

As the world’s largest producer of desalinated water, and celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, SWCC remains dedicated to utilizing innovative technologies and forging strategic partnerships to tackle water scarcity on a global scale.

World Water Day serves as a poignant reminder of the global significance of water cooperation. According to the UN, more than 3 billion people worldwide depend on water sources that cross national boundaries. Despite this interdependence, only a fraction of countries sharing water resources have formal cooperation agreements in place.

In light of such challenges, SWCC emphasized the urgency of promoting dialogue and collaboration among nations to address water-related issues effectively. Through initiatives such as technology innovation and knowledge-sharing, SWCC is committed to advancing sustainable water management practices and mitigating the impacts of climate change on water resources.

Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Abdulkarim, governor of SWCC and deputy chairman of the SWCC board, said: “Our mission at SWCC goes beyond providing desalinated water; it is about safeguarding this vital resource for future generations. Through global collaboration and visionary leadership, we are shaping the water sector’s future, aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 objectives, which provide a catalyst for ensuring water security and exerting global influence.”

“As we commemorate World Water Day, we call upon governments, stakeholders, and the global community to prioritize water cooperation to tackle the global water crisis,” he added.

Underlining SWCC and the Kingdom’s commitment to raising awareness and fostering dialogue, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced in September 2023 the establishment of a Global Water Organization, to be based in Riyadh. The organization will integrate and aid attempts made by governments and other bodies to secure global water sustainably.

Meanwhile, SWCC’s dedicated research and development center — the Water Technologies Innovation Institute and Research Advancement — is focused on identifying solutions to significant challenges in the environmental and water domains, including general water research.

Continuing its mission to engage with the international community, SWCC participates in global events, such as the 10th World Water Forum in Bali, and the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Toronto, to share knowledge, insights and best practice. Furthermore, the Kingdom is preparing to host the 11th World Water Forum in 2027.

In keeping with the “positive ripple effect” outlined by the UN on World Water Day, SWCC’s activities foster harmony, promote best practices in water management, and highlight the importance of international cooperation in uniting around water.

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