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CAIRO: Egypt will export lifesaving insulin injections to Cuba as part of a new pharmaceutical market expansion into Latin America.

The Insulinagypt injections, produced in Egypt and used to treat diabetes, will be exported through the United Company for Pharmaceuticals, an affiliate of the ACDIMA group.

Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Egypt’s minister of housing, said: “This marks the beginning of a new phase of fruitful cooperation between the Egyptian state and Cuba, with the export of Egyptian-made human insulin.”

He added: “This achievement is significant as it represents the first presence of an Arab-African-Egyptian company supplying Cuba with medicines, namely the United Company for Pharmaceuticals, one of the companies affiliated with the ACDIMA group, led by Dr. Alfat Garab.”

Garab is the chairperson of ACDIMA, which will act as Egyptian representative for the pharmaceutical exports to Cuba.

In a statement, Garab said: “The Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances is an Egyptian entity encompassing a collection of leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, including the Center for Bioequivalence and Afri Pharma for collaboration with African countries in pharmaceutical products and healthcare services.

“ACDIMA’s products are distributed in 80 countries worldwide, and its new project leads Egypt’s rapidly growing efforts to localize the latest technologies and gain the capacity to produce modern products, especially in the fields of oncology, biosimilars, and biologics, while strictly adhering to international regulations.

“We are delighted to collaborate with the Cuban side and are ready to cooperate with many Latin American countries.”

Ahmed Shawkat, Egypt’s deputy minister of health, told Arab News: “Egyptian insulin commands a market share ranging between 12 to 18 million vials annually, and is exported to 11 African countries, affirming a complete commitment to ensuring the availability of this essential medication to those in need, regardless of their geographical location.

“Providing human insulin to Cuba is of great significance to both Egypt and Cuba, and symbolizes a momentous instance of cooperation between the two countries.

“Moreover, the export of Egyptian insulin to Cuba not only serves as a stimulus for bilateral cooperation, but also represents a crucial step in providing lifesaving treatment for individuals suffering from the longstanding burden of diabetes, which affects millions globally.”

The opening of the export market is a “testament to Egypt’s unwavering commitment” to ensuring basic healthcare for all, Shawkat added.

“As members of the global community under the stewardship of our political leadership, we bear the responsibility to support each other, especially in times of need,” he said.

The deputy minister added: “Egyptian companies are keen on establishing international cooperation to enable the transfer and localization of technology and joint production of diagnostic tools, medications, and composite treatments for various cancer conditions, significantly impacting the achievements of various presidential campaigns and initiatives.”

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