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Fairmont Riyadh has unveiled “Luminous Nights” — a month of gastronomic delights and luxurious celebrations bringing loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues together. Embracing the spirit of Ramadan, the festivity will see the hotel come alive at sunset, as the sacred traditions of Ramadan intertwine with Fairmont’s signature luxury and culinary excellence. The property invites guests to embark on an unparalleled gastronomic and cultural journey hosted across two of its ballrooms, each offering a unique yet harmoniously integrated experience reflective of Ramadan’s thematic splendor.

Taking place in the Al-Thuraya and Al-Marasem ballrooms and, as the night progresses, in the hotel’s dining establishments, Luminous Nights offers an opulent dining experience that embraces the theme of Ramadan’s magnificence and importance. The event is masterminded in collaboration with Dr. Ali Madkhaly and his events company BelleGate.

Since its inception in 2004, BelleGate has been at the forefront of transforming venues into mesmerizing spaces, specializing in luxury Ramadan decorations, as well as social, corporate, and government events.

“We are incredibly excited about embarking on this strategic venture with Fairmont Riyadh. Our goal is to introduce an unparalleled level of luxury to the market, distinguishing ourselves as the ultimate destination for iftar and sahoor experiences in the city,” said Madkhaly, founder and CEO of BelleGate.

In the grandeur of the Al-Thuraya Ballroom — inspired by the desert’s golden tones and mirroring the warmth of Ramadan — guests can enjoy a world of culinary arts and Michelin-starred dining created by Chef Luigi Taglienti — the celebrated Ligurian chef and restaurateur trained by culinary icon Ezio Santin. Here, an intimate “chef’s table” experience awaits, hosting up to 50 people with a meticulously crafted Michelin-star menu. Curated by Chef Luigi, five menus are available, trotting tastebuds to Italy with dishes like Italian langoustine, white risotto, lobster, sea bass and lamb carpaccio, for SR630 ($170) per person.

“As I embark on this journey in Saudi Arabia for the first time, I am honored to collaborate with Fairmont Riyadh, bringing the essence of Ligurian cuisine to this grand and holy celebration,” said Chef Luigi. “Together, we will craft an experience where tradition meets innovation and where every dish tells a story as we celebrate the spirit of togetherness.”

A sumptuous buffet will cater to 350 guests with an array of cuisines that journey from Levantine to Pan Asian. While adults converse and dine, an adjacent children’s tent will be a sanctuary for little ones, with engaging activities and its own buffet. Guests can indulge in iftar at Al-Thuraya Ballroom for SR490 per person.

Leading the way into the grand dining ballrooms, the foyer will be transformed into a vibrant Ramadan bazaar offering a promenade of cultural enrichment. Guests are greeted by the aromatic embrace of Arabic coffee and the sweetness of dates. Shopping will also feature everything, from demure haute couture and signature scents to specialty coffee roasters and weaving — truly embracing the Ramadan spirit.

As the night deepens, Fairmont Riyadh’s House of Grill will become the spot for sahoor. In an intimate setting where tradition meets modernity, guests can indulge in a family-style set menu with traditional and international fare, priced at SR350 per person, carefully prepared to provide a memorable pre-dawn meal in a serene and luxurious environment.

Luminous Nights at Fairmont Riyadh runs daily throughout Ramadan, offering iftar and suhoor experiences that blend culture and luxury with culinary excellence.

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