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DUBAI: Mohammed Shamsi (@iimeeto) took home the creator of the year prize at the TikTok Creator Awards, which was held at The Theatre Dubai on Sunday under the theme “Celebrating New Dreams.”

The ceremony, which was hosted by UAE-based Egyptian actress Enjy Kiwan, featured performances by an acapella group led by singer Youssef Ismail, who sang all the hits that have been doing the rounds on Tik Tok, as well as performances by Lebanese musician Guy Manoukian and Bayou, who sang their hit song “Egyptian Wifey.” 

TikTok released a graphic highlighting this year’s award winners. (Supplied)

Between performances, Kiwan and guest presenters including Safa Siddiqui and Zeina Khoury, of “Dubai Bling” fame, gave out prizes for everything from fashion to food and music. 

In total 26 awards were handed out, celebrating the success creators have found on the platform. 

Amina Hussein (@aminahussein5_) won Gold for Entertainment Creator of the Year, while football commentator Mohammed Al Durafi (@hemex_7) won Gold for the Sport Creator of the Year. 

At the end of the night, Kinda Ibrahim — general manager of operations at TikTok Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Pakistan and South Asia — said: “We applaud the boundless creativity and impact of our region’s remarkable creators. Their incredible journey on our platform has not only entertained but also inspired countless individuals globally. It’s a source of pride to witness our talented community redefine what’s possible.”  

Read on for the full list of the MENA TikTok Creator Awards winners:

Creator of the Year: Mohammed Shamsi 

Food Creator of the Year:  

•          Gold: Abir El Saghir 

•          Silver: Afnan Al Amir 

•          Bronze: Hussain Sallam 

Gaming Creator of the Year: 

•          Gold: Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdulaziz Alamro 

•          Silver: Thamer Othman Mohammed AlDairem 

•          Bronze: Ali Ahmad Kassem 

Sports Creator of the Year: 

•          Gold: Mohammed Al-Durafi  

•          Silver: Soheil Varhram 

•          Bronze: Abdul Rahman Al Khaldi 

•          Music Creator of the Year:  

•          Gold: Youssef Ismail 

•          Silver: Yassmin Ibrahim 

•          Bronze: Zena Emad 

Education Creator of the Year:  

•          Gold: Sherif El Dahshoury  

•          Silver: Khaldoun Mustafa Alhourani 

•          Bronze: Omar Al Mughrabi 

Fashion & Beauty Creator of the Year:  

•          Gold: Safa Srour 

•          Silver: Fatimah Sultan 

•          Bronze: Rime Ajakkaf 

Entertainment Creator of the Year:  

•          Gold: Amina Hussein 

•          Silver: Deema Abu Naser 

•          Bronze: Bassant Dinar 

Best use of Longform Content: Zeina Al Itani 

Best use of Photomode: Taghreed Eid 

Best use of POI (Points of Interest): Alaa Ghozy 

Capcut Creator of the Year: Tariq Hussein 

TikTok Shop Creator of the Year: Raghad Abdullah Bin Talha 

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