Iran executes 4 over Israel ‘collaboration’: judiciary

RIYADH: An anti-ship ballistic missile and a drone fired by Houthis on international shipping in the Red Sea on Dec. 28 were intercepted and taken down by a US Navy ship, the American military said Friday.

In post on X, formerly known as Twitter, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said the missile and drone were fired from Yemen between 5:45 – 6: 10 p.m. (Sanaa time) on Dec. 28 and were shot down by the guided-missile destroyer USS Mason.

“There was no damage to any of the 18 ships in the area or reported injuries,” the post said.


By the CENTCOM’s count, the attack was the 22nd by the Iran-backed Yemeni militia, which controls a big part of Yemen.

The USS Mason is part of the US-led multinational maritime security coalition assembled in the Red Sea in response to the Houthi attacks on international shipping.

The Houthis have since October attacked commercial vessels in the Red Sea they say have Israeli links or are sailing to Israel, in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza.

Shipping authorities, however, claimed that the attacks have become indiscriminate, forcing some global shipping firms to avoid the Red Sea waterway, taking the longer journey around Africa instead.

One of the Houthi’s latest victim was the United VIII, owned by the MSC Mediterranean Shipping, which came as it sailed from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. The ship managed to take evasive action and had informed a nearby coalition naval warship.

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