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RIYADH: Saudi Arabian Mining Co. has secured international recognition with a certificate for producing 614,000 tons of ultra-low carbon ammonia, the largest quantity acknowledged globally. 

The endorsement from Det Norske Veritas signifies a substantial stride in the plans of the mining firm, also known as Ma’aden, to expand and transform its operations, aspiring to become an environmental, social, and governance role model in the Kingdom. 

This accreditation highlights Ma’aden’s commitment to operational excellence and expanding its product range. The company is active in global markets, contributing to reduced carbon emissions in fertilizer supply chains and supporting sustainable food production. 

Geir Fuglerud, CEO of DNV Supply Chain and Product Assurance, stated that the achievement aligns with global sustainable development goals and demonstrates Ma’aden’s industry leadership position in Saudi Arabia. 

Robert Wilt, CEO of Ma’aden, said: “We are now at the forefront of supplying the world with a lower carbon fuel source that has the potential to support the global energy transition.” 

During a panel discussion at the Future Mineral Forum, Wilt stated that the revised estimate of the endowment suggests a reassessment of available resources, expressing a belief that the current estimate is conservative. 

This comes as the Kingdom’s Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Alkhorayef stated that the value of the Kingdom’s untapped mineral potential has increased from $1.3 trillion to $2.5 trillion. 

“The more we bring the world into exploring the Kingdom. I think we’ll continue to find more we’ll refine that estimate, and we’ll continue to improve it,” Wilt said.  

He added: “I think I have the utmost faith in the use of Saudi Arabia to master the skills required to do this.”  

Highlighting significant achievements and plans in the company’s exploration and investment activities, Wilt discussed ongoing and upcoming projects, including a groundbreaking investment in the third phase of phosphate production, set to increase capacity by 50 percent.   

“We have stood up the world’s largest exploration program, drilled, 460,000 last year and found massive gold discovery,” he said.  

“We’ve got 18 workstreams (that) we are working on to transform the company because the way the company’s run over the last 25 years was the fastest-growing mining company in the world,” the CEO added. 

However, he noted that it was not fast enough to align with Ma’aden’s growth ambitions in the Kingdom and the world’s increasing demand for minerals. 

Additionally, Wilt mentioned that the company had recently engaged in discussions with a construction contractor regarding upcoming projects.  

He explained that Ma’aden is currently in the process of planning and executing several projects that have already received conceptual approval from the board.   

“It’s phosphate three, it’s phosphate four. It’s an aluminum recycling plant, and as an expansion of our aluminum facilities, it’s at least two more gold mines, and that’s all without any more exploration success,” Wilt said. 

He added that there are plans for phosphate three and phosphate four, an aluminum recycling plant, an expansion of their aluminum facilities, and at least two additional gold mines. 

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