Eski Atari Oyunu seven varmıdır ? en iyisi hangisidir Mario Yoksa Contra mıdır ?

Eski Atari Oyunu seven varmıdır ? en iyisi hangisidir Mario Yoksa Contra mıdır ? Bu oyunların 2 side iyidir eger halen oynamadısanız önce mario oyunu oynayıp prens luici kurtarabilirsiniz yada gelip bu siteyi kurtarmanız yeterlidir. Benim takip eden kullanıcılarımız sizi seviyoruz daha fazlası için takipte kalmanız yeterlidir. herkese yorum yapacagım diye bişey yok ama bu […]

News New ‘Million Dollar Island’ seasons to be produced at NEOM

DUBAI: Talpa Studios, which was founded by John de Mol, the creator of popular shows “The Voice” and “Big Brother,” has recommissioned its reality show “Million Dollar Island” for new seasons in the Middle East and the Netherlands. The new seasons — titled “Million Dollar Land” or “Ard Al-Million” for MBC in the Middle East […]

News Closing Bell: Saudi main index closes in red at 11,498 

RIYADH: The pace of deploying digital technologies in the energy sector will depend heavily on the ability to build a workforce with the right skills, according to an analysis.  In its latest report, the International Energy Agency said that technologies are set to play a key role in the transition to more secure and sustainable energy systems.  IEA noted that the […]

News US slams Russia over alleged abduction of Ukrainian children

LONDON: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Keir Starmer were grilled by voters at a televised event on Wednesday, with both challenged over past decisions, pledges and how they would fund policies if they won a July 4 election. At their last meeting in television studios before the poll, the two men took turns […]